G SUEN's World

G SUEN’s world explores intersections and dynamic contrast. Some examples of these are humanity and cyberspace, love and hate, organic and synthetic, traditional and contemporary. By deconstructing styles, colours, and effects from fine works of art, G Suen creates building blocks which he then merges with his own inspiration to create novel pieces of jewellery. G Suen nurtured his practice to allow the use of titanium, gold, jade, diamond sandalwood, and precious gemstones; a variety of source materials with complementary characteristics that collective capture his vision.


G SUEN recreates imaginative shapes and structures by deconstructing historical precious objects with timeless characteristics. He uses materials such as titanium, precious wood and jade, and a mix of novel and ancient techniques such as virtual reality, painting, sculpturing. The objective is to blend other forms of art into jewellery, in essence extending the aesthetics of jewellery with art-like playfulness.