The Abstract Bonsai Brooch 

This brooch is inspired by San-Yu’s oil painting and the contemporary art style from the 1960s and 1970s of Chinese ink painting and French decorative oil painting.


Gold, titanium, diamonds, jade, opal, garnets and alexandrites.

The Conversation Earrings 

I have always been fascinated by the relationships between artificial intelligence and humanity. I love to explore who controls whom. In this project, I seek to discover the irreplaceable elements from both traditional hand skills and digital 3D technology, identifying the unique capabilities of each. I wish to reignite artisan mastery but accelerated by technologies which represent the possibilities of 21st-century art. 


This piece is like a multicultural conversation. This conversation is about my imaginations and lucid dreams. The conversation starts with the past meeting the future, creating a hybrid creature that crosses the planes of time. 


Sandalwood, titanium, diamonds, gold, pearls, spinels, padparadscha sapphire, emerald.

The Chimera Earrings

This pair of earrings derives its inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch's painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. Inside the painting, a crowd of hybrid hoofed creatures drinking water next to a pond caught my attention. They are hybrid creatures containing the DNA of multiple organisms. In the 21st century, a Chimera-looking creature could also be an abstract symbol of unity. This was the genesis of the idea to make these abstract deconstructed earrings. 


My generation, millennials, are born surrounded by diverse cultures, religions, sexualities, ideologies, each of us being a blend of multiple identities. I was born near the borders of northern China and Far East Russia, and first came to the UK when I was 18. While I have Chinese roots, I also absorb all the information I learn from other countries, cultures and societies. My personal and professional experiences over the years have allowed me to develop a multi-cultural identity – a Chimera – and this piece is its fruition.


Titanium, gold, multicolour diamonds, sapphires, spinels, Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds and hauynites. 

Seashell Earrings

Inspired by Guidfordia Triumphans shells. They represent the beauty of the Fibonacci sequence in nature - more specifically animal structures. The asymmetrical shell design uses a tension of rotating movement. The piece is made out of titanium, 18k gold, opals, yellow,brown, and colourless diamonds, sapphires, paraiba tourmalines, aquamarine, blue and yellow zircons, heliodors and orange beryles.

“Carbon Storm on Venus”  Earrings

A pair of golden palm shape earrings (2019) – Gold, two orange rose cut diamonds of 4.9 carats, brown and yellow diamonds, and multi cut diamonds of total 22 carats.

“Carbon Storm on Venus”  Yellow Diamond Brooch

Yellow diamond brooch – Over 20 carats of yellow, brown and orange diamonds. One 3 carat D colour flawless white diamond.

"Au Coucher Du Soleil" 

Sunset ring (2017) – Rubellite tourmaline of 15.98 carats, Burma spinels, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds and 4.0 carats of diamonds.