G SUEN is a London-based art jewellery brand co-founded by Gearry Suen. Suen was educated at Central Saint Martins and Royal College of Art. His early years' painting and experimental art experiences guide his creativity toward an exceptionally bold style of 21st-century jewellery. G SUEN’s jewellery is deeply imaginative, an escape from reality.     G SUEN’s Conversation Earrings won the prestigious Goldsmiths Company Award, as well as several other prizes at the 2021 Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards.


G SUEN’s art jewellery is inspired by observing Mother Nature in a subjective way, which inspires us to create surrealistic forms and structures. We are passionate about imposing that surrealism onto real objects, by incorporating emotional expressions in pieces through movement and a sense of shock. With or without bodily interaction, G SUEN’s works are always a piece of art. 

The Chimera phenomenon is an important part of G SUEN’s style. Whether it’s the identity diversity of millennials, the interaction between Eastern and Western culture, the future meeting the past, or the digital-analogue relationship, it’s all about contrast and dynamic interaction. In the context of High Jewellery, our passion is to explore the relationship between innovation and technology on one side, and traditional craftsmanship on the other side. By studying historical best practices from centuries of High Jewellery craftsmanship and merging this with new advances in technology, we aim to create a novel style of High Jewellery. A real-world implementation of this is                G SUEN’s use of jade carving (an ancient technique) and virtual reality.


Transboundary brings new blood to the jewellery industry. Visual art, photography and fine art all provide opportunities and themes for G SUEN’s creative process. Our strict selection of coloured stones, precious metals and diamonds are based on playful drawing skills, mural restoration methods and photographic effects. We use techniques at the forefront of High Jewellery, such as superior jade carving, gem carving, and the use of titanium, to shape our imaginative world. G SUEN’s creative passion is to be incisive and vivid, and create “one of a kind” pieces. 

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