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G SUEN is a sculpture jewellery studio founded by Jing Zhao in London.


Jing believes that jewellery is a reflection of the world we live in. A mission of

contemporaneity grants G SUEN’s sculpture jewels with intrinsic individuality. Bespoke-coloured

metallurgy, full breadth of light reflection and wearable newness are what the studio stands for.


G SUEN creates jewels to push the boundaries of sculpture and wear. A search for the vivid

and the one-of-a-kind leads Jing along an inquisitive and impressionist journey

of the jewellery craft.


The chimera phenomenon is essential to the founder’s philosophy. G SUEN’s chimera is

based on contrast and dynamic interaction: On cultural connections between East and

West, on past and present meetings with the future, on the mutating relationship between

digital and analogue.


Core to G SUEN is the link between tradition and innovation; to create novel jewels,

dynastic craftsmanship is mixed with the latest technology. (An example is centuries-old

jade carving technique guided by virtual reality).


The Conversation Earrings won the four highest accolades at the prestigious Goldsmiths’

Craft and Design Council Awards, 2021 — including the top prize, the Goldsmiths

Company Award, along with three other leading awards.


G SUEN showed in GemGenève 2021 on the highly reputed Designer Vivarium, jewellery

historian Vivienne Becker’s curation of collectible talent.

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