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The Fabric Ring evokes the photograph of a Chinese model in French haute couture. It reads as universal high fashion, with its rich variety of textures, delicious gemstones and hi-fi metals in the colours of blue velvet and pink chiffon.


The princess-cut white diamonds are equidistant from each other on a sandy surface of green titanium. The metal is plated in electric colours and set with rose-cut diamonds in order to reflect the soft texture of silk.


The structured diamond grid, contrasting the organically shaped metal, mimics the visual effect of hard draperies. 


18ct gold and titanium; yellow, brown and white diamonds; tanzanite, spinels.



The relationship between artificial intelligence and humanity nurtures the Conversation Earrings’ multidimensional dialogue: A conversation between innovation and tradition.


Designed through virtual reality technology, the Conversation Earrings derive beauty from a harmonious blend of symmetry and asymmetry.


To maximise lightness, traditional materials and techniques, such as the hand-carving of fine sandalwood, are used in combination with titanium.


The Conversation Earrings won The Goldsmiths’ Company Award 2021 as well as the Technology Innovation, Laser Technology Award and Precious Jewellery awards.

Titanium, sandalwood and 18ct gold; white, brown and yellow diamonds; emerald, pink sapphire, pearls, spinels, apatite, blue zircons.


The Ren Earrings explore Chinese philosophy’s notions of humanity and its sublimation. On the left side, the earring is structured after the Chinese character “⼈人”, which means being human. On the right, it’s based on the reverse character, “⼊入”, which can be interpreted as ‘elevated being’. (Representing harmony between humanity and universe, the “⼈人” and “⼊入” symbols were also depicted in alien crop circles).


The Ren Earrings feature branches in yellow gold and oxidised white gold with blossoms inset with custom-cut, kite-shaped diamonds.

The slender diamond rondelles are drilled in the centre, an unusual technique, to optimise the reflection of light.


18ct white and yellow gold; 7.10ct white and yellow diamonds.


Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’, the Chimera Earrings symbolise modern times unity through a 21st century analogy to Bosch’s chimera creatures.


Blending ancient techniques, such as master jade carving, with the modern use of titanium, the Chimera Earrings resurface and update methods honed over centuries.


The colour palette, built around a mosaic of gemstones, is informed by the hues of DunHuang, a city of fundamental importance to the Silk Road.


18ct gold and titanium; white, brownish, and yellow diamonds; jade, emeralds, blue and purple sapphires, spinels, Paraïba tourmalines, alexanderites, aquamarines and hauynites.


Conceived after the harmonic layout of a sonata, the Systematic Sonata Ring is designed partially using artificial intelligence, partially through the human selection of repeated patterns.


Philip K Dick’s novel, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’, brings to surface sci-fi concepts that offset centuries-old representations of romance and beauty.


Baroque ornaments, deconstructed with VR, come to life in metal plated with dynastic Chinese porcelain colours. The hand-carved sandalwood’s polished, white surface balances the electric hues of metals and gems. Together, they become one.


Sandalwood, silver and 18ct gold; yellow and white diamonds; green and blue sapphires; Paraïba tourmalines, red spinels, garnets, yellow zircon.